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Corky Stanton July 4, 2011I am Corky Stanton. I have lost over 110 lbs. in about a year. I plan to lose another 20 or so. I have gone on an almost all raw plant-based diet and I love it! I eat all I want of the right foods and it is super tasty food! I keep discovering more foods and many new ways to prepare it. Very enjoyable! My cholesterol went from 235 to 112 in less than 6 months! My choesterol used to be 366 at one point. Many other health problems all gone. I used to be on five prescription drugs, now none. I feel way better and have tons of energy all day. It is so simple!! That is important for a busy businessman like myself who travels a lot. I am also totally confident that I will keep the weight off because it is not a diet, it is a new lifestyle that I enjoy and the health benefits are too amazing. It is not just about the weight. There is no way I will ever go back to the old way of eating and get all the health problems again.

Corky, July 4, 2011 310 lbs. (Back when I used to eat small amounts of meat trying to lose weight. I eat more food now!)

Current thinner photo coming soon!!!


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Corky Stanton and Dan McDonald

Corky Stanton and Dan McDonald (The Life Regenerator!)

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Corky Stanton and Joe Cross from the move Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

Joe Cross and I
Corky Stanton and Joe Cross from the movie Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead:
Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

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